Tequila Friday, Already!!!

I cannot believe that the week flew by so fast and here it is, Tequila Friday, once again. Maybe too many other days of tequila blur them together. Just kidding.

Yes, you too can make a Centipede

If you like to make cocktails, here’s a great tequila recipe called The Centipede. We first had this with Clark in the Portland OR bar/restaurant called The Conservatory. We loved it so much we hit the bartender up for the recipe and we’ve been making it ever since – for our best of friends.

The only tricky part, and it’s not that tricky, is to infuse your tequila with cumin. Here’s how we do it. Julie infuses eight ounces of tequila at a time, which is enough for four drinks. Trust me, you only need one of these per sitting so you’re set up for two nights if there are just two of you. We use one teaspoon of cumin per four ounces of tequila blanco. Take a tea bag apart, dump the tea leaves and replace with cumin. Julie uses a staple to close it up and drops it into the jar with of  tequila. You only have to let it infuse for a few hours. FYI, we recommend Don Julio or Casamigos Blanco. 

Here’s the recipe, doubled, because you should never drink this alone:

  • Muddle together 1T each of cilantro leaves, red and yellow bell peppers and cucumber in a shaker. Then add:
  • 4 ozs of infused tequila
  • 2 ozs of Cointreau
  • 2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 dashes Agave syrup (you can taste test and add more if it’s too tart)

Add ice and shake until chilled, strain into a freezer chilled martini or coupe glass. It’s okay for the cilantro to invade the pour. In fact, you want it too. Then, garnish with a cross cut a slice of pepper and float it on top and serve. 

There you have your Tequila Friday Centipede. A great way to celebrate staying at home. 

If you don’t have any cumin in the house, you can still make the drink. It’s like a jazzed up margarita. Want to flare it up more, add a teaspoon of diced jalapeno.

Cuomo on McConnell’s comment to let states go bankrupt

“When it comes to fairness, New York puts in to Federal pot $116B more than it takes out. Kentucky takes out $148B more than they put in.

He’s a federal legislator…distributing the federal pot of money. New York puts in more into the Federal pot then it takes out. His state takes out more than it puts in. Senator McConnell, who’s getting bailed out here? It’s your state that is living on the money we generate. Your State is getting bailed out.” And that’s how it was before COVID19.

Facts of the day

In the good old USA, one in four doctors and one in three nurses are immigrants in the U.S. 

The head of the CDC voiced his fears that a Winter wave of coronavirus teamed with influenza will be even worse than what we’ve experienced so far. 

The President, on the other hand, said in his daily press briefing, that it might not even happen. Not to mention, his query of whether injecting disinfectant or using internal UV light could, might could, maybe could, just saying, cure the infection like that.

I don’t believe for a second that he was being sarcastic as he said today. I watched it as it happened. He was riffing and thought he might be on to something. Dr. Birx’s reaction was more than telling.

From the Hill

The House of Representatives passed a new $484 billion coronavirus relief bill by a vote of 388-5. The Senate passed it Tuesday. $381 billion is for small businesses left out in the cold when the money from the previous coronavirus relief package quickly ran dry. 

Republicans wanted to stop there, but Democrats demanded, and got, $75 billion for hospitals, and $25 billion for coronavirus testing, as well as a requirement that the administration figure out a strategy to get tests to states.

A number of Republicans refused to wear masks during the vote, while Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, and all Democrats but one chose to wear a mask to protect their fellow legislators. 

And on a lighter note, it’s hard to know what to do. Right is left. Up is down.

I’m going to end on a light note with this video. It puts it all into perspective.

I hope that you’re staying home, staying safe and staying well. Have a good weekend. Many are not. 


One thought on “Tequila Friday, Already!!!

  1. Yeah, I hear a lot of bad stuff the Dems are doing bro, but don’t hear you mentioning those things. Like holding up aid to small businesses so they can get funding for things they’ve wanted for along time. No time like a crisis to pull your card in order to get some progressive GND BS done not related to the crisis.

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