Could you come over?

June 24, 2020

How I met your mother…to borrow a riff. 

Yesterday, Julie had to have some dental surgery that required the removal of a tooth. That removal opened up a memory in my first waking moment this morning. It started with a morning phone call 43 years ago. 

“Steve, this is Julie’s mother. I wonder if I could ask an odd favor of you. Julie hurt her back and can’t get out of bed by herself. She needs help getting to the bathroom.” 

I had just arrived in Charlotte for a job running camera on the early evening and late news at WSOC-TV. That is why I was home in bed when the phone rang around 9 a.m. and why Julie asked her mom to call me.

Not long before this call I had moved into Selwyn Village apartments next door to Julie and her roommate, Diane Helms. We shared a common entrance to our townhouse apartments. I had briefly met Julie the day that I moved in when I used their phone before mine was installed. Remember those days? 

Julie, sitting in her and Diane’s apartment next door to mine. Circa 1977ish.

Anyway, Julie’s mother called understanding that this was a very personal request, helping her daughter to the bathroom.

I got up and hustled over. Her apartment was the mirror image of mine. I went upstairs and found her and her mom in the front bedroom. Of course, Julie not only felt bad, she felt pretty vulnerable, in her pj’s and bathrobe, unable to take a step without help.

Oh, and why did her recent dental surgery surface this memory? Well, she had just had her wisdom teeth removed the day before. Her cheeks were swollen and bruised like a chipmunk with a mouthful. 

I did my best to make her feel at ease and helped her to the toilet, leaving her to her privacy until she needed help to return to bed. And then I left her to recover with her mother at her side.

And that was the real beginning of our beginning. And that’s how I met your mother. At her most vulnerable. 

First, we became neighbors, then fast friends, and then friends for a lifetime.

And, now, we’ve been inseparable all those 43 years as we come up to our 40th wedding anniversary on July 19th. 

More to come. 

Oh, Julie is way better off this morning, the day after, than back then.

Have a great Wednesday.  

6 thoughts on “Could you come over?

      1. Nice story Steve and to think I almost ended it before it began when I ran you over with the tractor.
        Tell Julie, we hope she feels better soon.

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